Keys to keep your abaya casual and fashionable


Abayas have a beauty of their own. They are the perfect option when it comes to dressing modestly and the best part about this outfit is that you can actually stylize it to make it look casual or formal; just as you want it!

Are you wondering how exactly can you keep your abaya totally casual for say a lunch date with your friends? For starters,buy casual abayas online. And then here are some great tips that will help you to make your abaya as casual as possible. Check them out!

  1. First and foremost, when it comes to keeping your abaya as casual as possible, your attitude is the key. Whether you will look casual or formal depends totally on how you choose to carry your dress. If you appear uptight in your outfit, then you will have to loosen up a little bit to keep it as casual as possible. So, start by getting the right attitude to carry your abaya.
  2. You can always add a splash of colour in order to add a casual look to your long and flow-y abaya. Abayas are generally very sophisticated in appearance and hence you can accessorize it with a bright coloured scarf or even a really nice neckpiece. Rings and bracelets are also some really cool add ons when it comes to keeping your abaya casual.
  3. When you shop casual abayas online make sure you pick up some floral printed scarves as well. Nothing works better than floral when it comes to making an outfit look casual. Go for bright colours since they will help in drawing attention away from the general formal appearance of an abaya. Scarves and that too printed ones are excellent accessories when it comes to heading out to a movie or a day out with your friends. If you want you can also try out polka dots, since the fashion of the 80s are coming back in vogue again!
  4. Shoes can go a great way when it comes to keeping your abaya as casual as possible. If you want to opt for high heels go for really colourful and contrasted ones. Printed high heels are in fashion these days which are great when it comes to keeping your entire look casual. Wedges of bright colours are also the perfect accessories to a casual outfit. You can totally ditch the heels and go with flats. Think about the shoes that you are most comfortable in and go for them. High heeled sneakers are also a major hit these days which you can try out.
  5. And last but not the least do not forget to carry the right kind of bag to complete your entire. You can go with sling bags with frills, which is the recent trend. You can try out sporty back packs as well if you want to team it up with a pair of sneakers. If nothing else appeals, then just tie a colourful scarf with your bag!

Ready to step out in your casual and cool avatar in an abaya? Go and try it out!


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