How to Style Kaftans in winter

Women who love Kaftan, can’t limit wearing it in the summer season only. They want to keep wearing their beautiful outfit even in the winters. But the chilly weather gets in the way and limits their choices. However, with correct layering, you can flaunt these outfits in winters too.


Want to know how?!

First of all, you need to find a platform to buy kaftan dress onlineThis platform should have multiple designs and lengths, so that, you can pair it with multiple styles of layers. Then, use following tips to rock the kaftans during the winter season.

 1. Pair it with ankle boots

Ankle boots look amazing with the multiple lengths of this outfit. You can pair it with nice boots and get the chic look. Plus, it keeps your legs protected from the chilly air too.

While choosing a boot, make sure that it complements the color and patterns of the kaftan. For a safe side, you can go for the black or wood brown color. These colors suit all kinds of designs. Plus, they also complement the leather jackets that you can wear as an outer layer.

 2. Enhance the drama with a wool scarf

A scarf is a need for the winter season, but you can also use it to enhance the effect of the kaftan dress. All you need is a quality scarf with a color that totally balances the design and the color of the outfit. This way you can get more attention to your style and make your attire look effortless. Adding to that, make sure that all of the other accessories such as earrings and bag match the whole style of your outfit.

 3.Mid-length tops look great with jeans

Jeans can balance the cuteness of the top and bring a sense of toughness to your look. This is the most amazing way of rocking the outfit without overdoing it. Just pair your top with a distressed jeans and boots and a little accessory in your hands.

 4.Rock it up with a leather jacket

If you want to add more toughness to the whole look, then, a leather jacket can help you out. It gives you a rocking look where the design of the top softens the personality and make you look stunning.

The color selection of each piece is really important here. You need to make sure that the colors of the pieces are according to the role they are about to play. For instance, the role of the top is to give smoothness to the whole look. Hence, the color of the top should be peppy and bright. On the other hand, the colors of the jacket and the boots should have a sense of roughness in them. Hence, it is better to go with the darker shades such as black.

Finally, you can also wear a coat over these kinds of tops in order to get a bright happening look.

So, go now for the kaftans online shopping and pick pieces for the winters.


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