Know Some easy tips on Shopping for Abaya

With so many new fashions coming up there is no doubt that fashion industry has evolved to a great extent. Talking of which, it is important that you make a right decision on choosing the brand that offers good quality and value for money solution. In the Arab world, Abaya has become a fashion statement. It is ideally a religious symbol which actually doesn’t fit in the Islamic dress code criteria but is one elegant and stylish symbol that you can ever come across. However, to wear such type of scarf like material is a kind of cultural and religious statement.


Know The Origin of Abaya:

It is one trend that you can find the most in eastern Saudi Arabia. It certainly is religion apparel that many women from the Arab Gulf countries follow on regular basis. It comes in back color, is bit oversize and have large wing patterned sleeves that has the opening in a modern style which as compared to burkha and jihab are quite similar. This type of garment is designed to present the culture’s authenticity. No doubt that in modern day it is available in different fashion and style that will enhance your overall personality. These days, you can come across, some of the best designers like John Galliano and Dior that are coming up with eye opening abayas that set perfect Islamic traditional attires

Different Styles And Designs Of Abayas:

Dubai Abaya:

This is another popular style that has some good sleeves and incredible embellishment on neckline. Most of the ladies in Dubai usually go with such option and have the bold colors that look incredible which of course is one best abaya style.

Abaya Kaftan:

When you start with your abaya online shopping, it is quite obvious that you might want to explore some of the best designs. Talking of which the kaftan style is one such amazing pattern which adds a contemporary feel and gives a chic look.

Wedding Abaya:

The name itself suggests the purpose of wearing such type of abaya. It is a perfect blend of classic yet traditional abaya which is black in color, bold and adds spark to the celebration. It comes with good embroidery, embellishment and crystals which looks incredible.

Butterfly Abaya:

This pattern is quite similar to the regular kaftan abaya designs. It is no doubt a modern pattern and looks a bit fancy too. If you are planning for a party wear, this is the right one to choose amongst the abaya fashion world.

Now that you are pretty much clear with different styles of Abaya that are being followed as a fashion style, make sure you choose the right one. As compared to regular patterns, there is no doubt that designer abayas will be little costly but it is equally true that you make a good research, compare and then come up with the decision on choosing the right type of abayas for yourself. No doubt that it works as a religious outfit that covers the most of you but it as part the cultural requirement it is also true that it differs in style and design as well.


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