What Is The Importance Of Hijab?

Hijab is the traditional head covering or scarf worn by Muslim women all around the world. It has cultural and religious value as well as for keeping warm in cold weather. Most Hijabs are made of chiffon, silk, pashmina and cotton. They may be decorated with laces, beads and motifs.

Most Muslim women love wearing Hijabs as a symbol of modesty in public. In modern time there has evolved different Hijab fashions. Hijab styles also vary from region to region. In different countries, there are different styles of wearing hijabs.

Types of Hijab include unstitched Hijab, Stitched Hijab, round shaped hijabs, triangle shaped hijabs and stole like Hijabs. The way of wearing and design of Hijab depends on the shape of your face.


Sometimes wearing a hijab may be tough as it tends to be slippery and cannot be kept settled in one place. The best solution is to use brooches or safety pins. There are many different types of brooches available in the market ranging from simple to ornate and gorgeous.

Another solution is a Hijab cap. Hijab caps can be worn beneath the hijab and help to keep it in place. The hijab cap can cover the head and hair easily. One can wear a Hijab cap that matches the Hijab or rest of your outfit.

The different styles of Hijabs are modern, designer and traditional. You can find all in online Hijab store. Women may also experiment with Hijab styles using different types of embellishments or decorations and various fabrics.

Just like other types of clothing, the types and styles of Hijab may vary from woman to woman.  There are  many women who do not use the Hijab to make a fashion statement but only for maintaining modesty. But some women use the hijab as a luxury or high fashion item. There are different kinds of Hijabs to suit different patterns and colors of dresses worn by women. Women may buy several types or stick to a few, basic versions.

Fashion designers, who deal with Hijab styles, make Hijabs from different fabric s like Polyester and silk which come in a variety of prints, patterns and colors. Some hijabs may be fastened beneath the chin while others are secured at back of the neck or wrapped in shape of a turban, around the head.  A fashion statement may be made by decorations like jewels and beads. Such Hijabs can be found in designer stores or high fashion websites.

Most women choose hijab styles based on the type of outfit they wear in public. Many combine the Hijab with the Abaya, a loose flowing robe like outfit covering the whole body, from neck down. There are different colors and designs of Abayas  and many women wear Hijab styles that match their Abayas. But not all Muslim women wear Abayas with  Hijabs and often pair Hijabs with modern clothing like pants, jeans and other outfits. They shop for hijab dresses online  to suit their modern taste.

The type of Hijab also depends on the region which women come from. For instance, in conservative regions, Hijab styles tend to be traditional. In these regions, Hijabs come in dark, solid colors like blue or black or subtle prints which do not attract attention. In other regions, the modern, fashion conscious Muslim woman like to wear Hijabs with flamboyant colors and vivid patterns.


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