All about Abayas

Abayas are traditional robe like outer garments worn mostly by Muslim women, around the world. The various types of Abayas include designer, traditional and modern. Some of the popular designs of Abayas consist of those featuring embroidery, lace or bead work and other such embellishments. Abayas are also available in a range of colors from plain jet black or brown to bold and vibrant hues. They may be designed for special occasions but may also be casual, daily wear.

 Abayas are available in different colors, shapes and designs but may basically cater to adhere to modesty in public. Some women choose to wear abayas but some others do not, depending on the culture and location. But Abayas do figure as the focus of many Muslim blogs and websites, specialty designers and fashion magazines. Multiple Abaya designs ranging from very basic to extremely luxurious are featured in fashion shows targeting Muslim women.


Designers, who specialize in designing abayas, basically concentrate on fashioning styles which will appeal to modern Muslim women. When women shop for abayas to wear in public, they go in for various choices of colors, prints and fabrics. Abayas are also worn with traditional head scarves called as Hijabs to create a complete outfit for Muslim women seeking a modest look.

 Traditional designs of Abayas usually feature solid, dark colors with Hijabs of matching colors. As in case of most Abayas, traditional designs are loose fitting and cover the whole body of a woman, from the neck to the feet, also covering even the arms.  While the head is covered by the Hijab, the only parts of a woman that is visible to others are her face, feet and hands.

 Though modern Abaya designs do not ignore the focus on modesty, they tend to be different as they are available in various bright prints and colors. Modern styles of abayas are also available with sashes, intricate patterns and embellishments of jewelry. Modern abayas do cover the whole body while they offer variations in shapes and sleeve designs. One can buy casual abayas online.

 Women from all parts of the world can buy abayas of different designs to wear daily or for special events. The occasions include at the workplace, at a social event like festival or party, going to college or visiting other homes. For any such occasion, women may find choices of beautiful as well as comfortable designs of Abayas. Going shopping for abayas is just like that for other garments, keeping in mind your personal taste and cultural values.

The two criteria for selecting abayas is the need for modesty and making a fashion statement. Hence apart from the basic black, women love to stock up their wardrobe with abayas of various bold colors and designs. Embroidery, bead work and other embellishment make the Abayas more elegant. Wearing Hijabs that match and complement the Abayas will provide a gorgeous look.

Some examples of modern Abayas include red colored, Angarakha style, three layered button down style, pleated versions with intricate stitching, A-line shaped Abaya style, flared styles, Pastel color styles and Kaftan style.  One can shop casual abayas online, apart from formal designer wear.

These are some aspects about Abayas.


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