What Are The Different Kinds Of Head Scarves Worn By Muslim Women?

Muslim women, all around the world wear different types of head scarves. They are regarded as a sign of modesty and a symbol of religious faith.

Most head scarves are called as Hijab. In Arabic, the word Hijab stands for “partition, screen, veil or curtain,” apart from other meanings. It is a covering or protection in the metaphorical as well as literal sense. Today, the term has evolved to denote the veil worn by Muslim women.  It is so popular that one can find online hijab store featuring different types and styles of Hijab.


The various kinds of head scarves worn by Muslim women are:

  • HIJAB: It refers basically to the head scarf worn by Muslim women. These scarves come in different colors and styles. The most popular version worn by Muslim women in the West cover the neck and the head but leaves exposed the face.
  • NIQAB: It is a veil for covering the face which leaves only the area of the eyes exposed. But it may be worn with an extra eye veil. It is worn typically along with a headscarf.
  • BURKHA: It is the most concealing type of veils worn by Muslim women. It is a one-piece veil that covers the body as well as the face with a mesh screen around the eyes for the sake of vision.
  • AL-AMIRA: It is a veil with two pieces. It consists of a close fitting cap, typically made of polyester and cotton and a scarf of tube shape.
  • SHAYLA: It is a scarf popular in Gulf countries, which is long and rectangular. It is wrapped around the head and pinned or tucked in place at the shoulders.
  • KHIMAR: It is a cape-like long veil which hangs loose to just on top of the waist. It covers the shoulders, neck and hair, but renders the face exposed.
  • CHADOR: Worn mostly by Iranian women when in public. It is a complete-body cloak. It is often paired with a smaller scarf worn beneath the cloak.
  • BUSHIYYA: This is a veil tied on the forehead which hangs to cover the entire face but does not have an opening for the eyes. But the fabric is sheer enough to allow to see through.
  • DUPATTA: It is a common Indian, Punjabi and Pakistani garment. It is a large, colorful cloth made of light fabric that wraps around shoulders and head. It is usually sold as part of a three piece outfit, along with Salwar and Kameez.
  • ELECHEK: It is a white turban worn mostly by Kyrgyz women. They are worn mostly for special occasions.
  • JIBAB: It refers to an outer garment as per the Holy Quran. It refers only to a head covering in Indonesia. In some other places, it might resemble a trench coat or long rain coat.
  • KERUDUNG: this modern Indonesian head scarf features a stiff visor, in place above one’s eyes.
  • KIMESHEK: It is the traditional head scarf of married women in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.
  • MUKENA: This is an Indonesian head scarf worn exclusively during prayers. It is fastened around the head with two strings. It comes usually in white or pastel colors.

These are some of the head scarves worn by Muslim women.  A modern fashionable Muslim woman will shop for hijab dresses online to reflect her personal style.


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