Types of Modern Modest Clothing for Muslim Women

The discussion on what type of modern, modest clothing suit Muslim women is trending on portals, forums and blogs. Modern but modest Islamic women clothing are of different types, following different standards of decency.

Here are selections of women’s modest dresses that adhere to modern sensibilities. Before buying any of these, ascertain if they match your personal style and cultural aspirations:



Abayas are loose fitting, outer garments for women which are available in gorgeous designs and exquisite embellishments. They are loose fitting garments worn for casual wear (lounging in the house) or for formal occasions. They commonly stretch to the ankles. They are a favourite with Arabic Muslim women. Nowadays, stylish and new designs have flooded the markets which are comfortable as well as affordable. These include Butterfly abaya, hooded abaya, Jersey abaya and embroidered abaya.


Jibabs are similar to abayas. The main difference is the opening in the front. Jibabs are loose fitting and easy to wear and thus very comfortable. This traditional garment has become popular with the modern Muslim woman. Apart from being stylish, this garment adheres to Muslim religious sensibilities. Their loose designs covers up the body and are created with thick fabrics.


Hijabs are head scarves or veils which have been adapted to modern designs for modern women. This veil typically covers the chest and head of a woman and adds to her modesty and beauty. They come in various styles like plain, rectangular, printed, square etc and modern fabrics like chiffon, georgette, satin, knit viscose and others. Go in for styles that complement your facial proportions.


It is a combination of a scarf and head cover. It covers the whole face, except for the eyes. It stretches down a woman’s head till the mid back or the mid-chest. Commonly used in Asian and Arab countries, this design is growing popular, even in the West. The key is that while most Islamic scholars stress on the importance of the Hijab, very few press for wearing the Niqab.


A Niqab may cover the face but the Burqa covers the whole body, from the head to the feet. It is basically a traditional garment, but there are modern versions reaching the market. Creative dress designers around the world have made Burqas suited to modern taste and good looks with various embellishments. They are worn mostly in India, Pakistan and Arab countries.


It is a traditional garment for covering up Muslim women. Modern versions have latest embellishments like floral patterns, printing and motifs including embroidery which add to the beauty of the Chador. It is a garment covering the whole body. It lacks clasps or buttons to secure it and so the women have to hold it in place.


Shalwar Kameez of full length or its modern version of short Kurtis is worn mostly in Pakistan and India. Full length versions are mostly used for formal wear. But nowadays, short Kurtis also qualify as modest, Islamic clothing for women. Kurtis are trendy modest clothing.

These are some of the common designs that represent modern as well as modest Islamic clothing for women.


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