All about Hijabs

Hijabs are scarves worn by Muslim women in various parts of the world as a sign of modesty. The history of the Hijab is unclear. But it is growing quite popular with Muslim women to express their cultural identity.


Today there are available many types of Hijabs. This makes it interesting for shopping and styling. Modern Muslim women have an opportunity to adhere to cultural guidelines as well as express their individuality through different styles, colors and fabrics.

There are many options for shopping for Hijabs like online stores and specialty stores catering to Islamic clothing. One can purchase hijabs that complement other Islamic outfits like designer abayas.

The history:

The concept of Hijabs originate from the Quran and the Hadith (Islamic literature) and goes back to centuries. The word hijab originates from the Arab words for ‘hiding or concealing’. There are different definitions from different sources, but the common understanding of the term refers to a headscarf worn as per Muslim faith.

Though down the centuries, their style and nature have changed, the importance of the Hijab in Muslim culture has not waned. Modern Hijabs serve the twin purpose of a Muslim woman to adhere to religious tradition as well as express their individuality.


Hijabs are found in different sizes and shapes. Traditional size is 45 square inches and big size is 52 square inches. Hijabs may be rectangular, triangular or square depending on the context of use. Fabric types include chiffon, silk, polyester, cotton, rayon or a combination of fabrics. There are Hijabs for all seasons as well as patterns like floral and prints.


Those who buy hijabs may also use underscarves. They refer to accessories which are worn to prevent the hair of women from slipping out of the Hijabs. They come in various fabrics and styles which the woman can coordinate with her Hijab.

Another accessory to buy while using Hijabs is the Hijab pin. It is used to secure the Hijab carefully without causing damage to the fabric of the Hijab.


Some of the popular designs of Hijabs are:

  • Head scarf: Shape is hooded or square. Common fabrics are chiffon, cotton, polyester and other materials.
  • Shawls: Their shape is oblong. Fabrics are Lycra, cotton, chiffon, viscose and other materials depending on season.
  • Two-piece: Shape covers neck and head. Materials are spandex, Polyester and cotton
  • Shayla: Shape is rectangular or square. Material is lightweight and suitable for layering.

How to wear:

The tradition of Hijabs engender that garments are not too sheer or tight and do not attract unwanted attention to the wearer. They should not highlight the shape of the body of the wearer. Another tradition is that Hijabs must be worn as part of covering a woman’ body from head to toe.  A hijab can be used to cover the women from head to chest.

Matching with face shape:

A round face is equal in width and length. An oval shape has higher length than width.  A long face has substantially longer length than width. A square shape face has equal dimensions.

A hijab is chosen according to face shape. A square shape hijab is ideal for long and slim face. Any style works perfectly for an oval shape. A shayla looks beautiful on women with circular face.

These are some aspects about the beautiful clothing item- the hijab. One can buy formal hijab online as well as in specialty designer stores. Online shopping also works well for casual Hijabs.


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