How to Do Shopping For Clothing and Hijabs?

Shopping is a major activity for most women. Chances are that if you examine your closet, you will find many items which you seldom wear. So one must take care while shopping for clothing.

Here are some tips to help you shop for clothing or hijab dresses online or from brick and mortar stores:

  • Does it adhere to guidelines of the Islamic faith? This is the first crucial question you should address. This is because, if the answer happens to be no, you can keep it aside and walk away. This is considering issues like whether the outfit has ¾ sleeves; is it too tight; is the cut of the top too low? Even in case of skinny jeans for which you plan to keep up modesty by wearing a loose top over, take care that it is not too tight. Most Muslim women prefer not to wear leggings. So if you spot leggings on the net or while shopping in stores, steer clear.
  • Does it have proper fitting? This must be the next question you should ask. Do not buy the item even if it is has an amazing price, great details or fabulous color but does not fit you. It is likely that you will not feel comfortable when you wear it which implies it will remain in your closet and will often be substituted with an item that fits well. But if you have fallen in love with the item, consider whether you are willing to spend money to tailor it to your size.
  • Does it make a complete outfit? The outfit may adhere to religious modesty criterion but will it make a complete outfit? Will the Hijab complement the rest of the outfit without looking forced? Examples are party tops or halter neck tops with thin straps- which may be loose clothing. But wearing a hIjab on top with a long sleeve top underneath gives a forced look. A hijab must complete an outfit but not distract from it.
  • Will it last for more than one season? The best option in choosing clothing is to go for timeless pieces. Or else you can select items which can be styled differently for various seasons in the year. Though the outfits may be amazingly cheap, avoid buying those which are suitable for only one season which will only clutter up your closet.
  • Do you already own a complementary item?

In this case, you have found an awesome dress but have no Hijab or other items to go with it.  Do not go for it unless it is a totally glamorous and gorgeous outfit and you are willing to shop for more items like Hijabs to go with it.

  • Is it made well? Go for quality rather than quantity. It may be cheap, it may be trendy, but if it’s going to fall apart after a few washes, avoid it altogether.
  • Do I have a matching Hijab?

If you don’t own a HIjab that matches the new outfit, it is likely to sit idle in your closet. Go in for new Hijab shopping if you are bent upon a particular outfit.

  • Do you own something similar?

If you own something similar in your wardrobe, consider if you have worn them on many occasions. There is certainly a situation when your closet features too many items of the same type. So adding one more is not a wise decision.

These are some tips on how to go shopping for clothes. Ultimately go in for pieces which you are absolutely in love with. Try shopping for casual and formal hijab store online. You can’t go wrong with above tips.


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