Keeping it stylish with the comfy tunics

There is nothing better than tunics and tunic tops if you want to keep it comfortable and stylish. There are plenty of options when it comes to tunics if you know how to style it the right way.

In fact though tunics seem like a really informal choice of dress, if you can properly accessorize it they can be perfect for any kind of formal occasion as well. Well there are different types of tunics and how you should style them depends on that. When you starting shopping for ladies tunics online keep the pointers given below in mind if you want to deck it up the right way:


  1. Shirt tunics, both available as tops as well as dresses are a great option if you want to show of those long legs of yours. When it comes to tops you can always pair them up with shorts. For shirt tunic dresses, you can try narrow belts or you can leave it A line. The most important part is the shoe here. White high heeled sneakers are a really good option. Flat sandals wont love bad either. When you select accessories for this type of a dress, do not go for big or embellished one and keep them as minimal as possible. Sling bags work best for an overall combo like this.
  2. Simple tunic tops are perfect if you are heading out to college during the afternoon. You can pair them up with jeans or shorts depending on the temperature around you. If you go with plain coloured tunic tops then you can accessorize with long chains or long earrings but they should not be too embellished. Sneakers and sandals work find for such occasions. When it comes to bags, totes are the most natural and comfortable choice.
  3. Aztec print tunic dresses are in. These are really cool and ideal for an afternoon date or brunch with friends. You can actually pair this dress up with heels. Though heels and tunics do not bode that well, this is a combination that will surely set the temperatures soaring. Sling bags will perfectly complement such an outfit when wearing flats. If you choose heels then try leather totes.
  4. For a fun filled evening you can go for an off shoulder tunic dress. Make sure that the dress is of a single colour and to highlight your beautiful shoulders you can go for a beautifully embellished neck piece, preferably of oxidised silver, but a lot will depend on the colour of the dress. Strappy stilettos in particular will work very well for such an outfit. Break the usual style and opt for a clutch inside for an outfit like this.
  5. If you want to buy long tunics online for a semi formal lunch appointment, then you can go with simple coloured, single toned tunic tops. These are best paired with pearls. You can wear them with a pair of nicely fitted jeans and team them with high heels or flats, whatever makes you comfortable. Totes or leather bags are a good option.

Now that you know all the tricks and tips to style your lovely tunic top, start shopping for the one you need today!


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