Evolution of the Hijab

The hijab is a traditional piece of clothing that is worn by women in the Arab world, especially Muslim women from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar etc. This beautiful piece of clothing has been worn by Muslim women from ages and it is something that has evolved over the years. This piece of cloth is usually worn by women when they are in the presence of adult men who are not part of their immediate family. This is done to maintain a certain amount of modesty. It usually covers the head and the chest area of women, but adaptations of the hijab can be seen to cover the entire body and not just the head and chest.

The Evolution                                                   

At first, the Hijab would only be black and the same design was worn by all women in the Muslim world. Since then, cultural advancements and easement of certain traditional laws have allowed the Hijab to evolve. Now, there are even online hijab store where you order hijabs and get them delivered to your house easily. This was nearly unthinkable only a few years ago. It is a miracle what advancement in technology and easement in cultural laws can achieve.

Summery Orange & White Casual Hijab

Hijabs these days can be seen in several colours like white, brown, dark blue etc. This is a result of the evolution of the hijab. As a Muslim woman, you would feel bad that all the women around you are wearing the same hijab. So, it made sense that more and more coloured hijabs were produced and marketed to reach a wide audience that desperately wanted some additional choices in clothing.

Apart from just a variety in colours, there are several designs that have come up too. These designs include things like golden flowers over a black hijab, polka dots, repeating squares etc. If you look back a few years, all this would seem like something out of science fiction!

Hijab dresses have also made a big impact for modern Muslim women. There are many working Muslim women who want some variety in their dresses while at the same time maintaining the traditional rules. For these modern working Muslim women, hijab dresses have been a life saver. Now they can wear different varieties of Hijab dresses and go to their workplace each day in a confident manner and feeling good about themselves.

You can easily buy these hijab dresses online through the several e-commerce websites that offer sale and delivery of Hijabs. This has been a result of most businesses moving online and even the hijab sales market has also moved to the online world. This reduces capital costs and operational costs for the businesses and makes it a lot more easier for the women to buy clothes without even having to go to the local stores where hijabs are being sold.

Therefore, there has been a drastic evolution in the design of hijabs as well as the way hijabs are being sold. Who knows what the coming years will bring!


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