Fashionable Abayas for This Season

An Abaya is a clothing garment that is simple and loose. It is usually worn loosely over the body as it is a good kind of clothing to wear in hot regions. It isbasically a robe like dress, worn by Muslim women in the countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Indonesia etc. Abaya is actually a traditional dress that was worn by Muslim women in the dry and hot areas of the middle east. The intense heat of these areas made it a good choice of clothing as it kept the women cool. This comfortable fabric has hence become a daily wear for women in these regions. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular clothing garment in areas such as the middle east, closely rivalled by the hijab.

The Abaya Fashion

The Abaya covers the whole body except parts like the face, hands and feet. This is seen as a sign of modesty in the Muslim culture. Traditionally, the Abaya is black in colour and may have some square patches on the shoulder area. But with advancements in cultural laws, there are many more varieties of Abaya these days. Things have advanced so much that you can even do Abaya online shopping.

Black and Grey Abaya with Gold Detailing

The recent Abayas are no longer just black in colour. In countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, Abaya with colours such as dark grey, light blue, white are very popular. These new fashions have been welcomed by the women of these regions as they were tired of wearing the same kind of clothes every day. The new colours also come in combinations.

Certain manufacturers have ventured far enough to print designs on the traditional Abaya. These designs can be things like flower patterns on the shoulders, diamond patterns on the front of the fabric or even ornately designed patches on the shoulders.

The new fashion in Abaya is the use of silk for the production of the final product. The silk gives a shinier appearance to the Abaya. Although this design is very beautiful, it is not a very practical choice. This is because the temperatures in certain countries of the middle east region have very high average temperatures. This means that wearing a silk Abaya the whole day would put the woman under huge duress from the heat. It is however wearable in the winters when the temperatures are a lot cooler.

There are several new designs this season that are available only online. That is because these are made by designers and these designers do not have any physical stores where they sell their products. Therefore, some of the best designer abayas are only available in e-commerce stores. This has been made possible only by the introduction of new technologies where businesses can now move all their operations to the online world where they can cut costs and make more profits. It also allows them to reach a much wider audience without even having a physical store to sell out of.


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