Ideal Summer Ideas for Abayas

Summers can be really hot. With the global warming coming into the picture since a few decades, the temperature has been rising rapidly. But, all of a sudden we cannot change the dressing pattern we grew up with and are used to. Abayas are a form of cloak, found in a simple and loose form, worn commonly by Muslim women. Abayas, as we know covers the body completely and may seem annoying to many women while travelling in the day with the sun over their head.

Living in the tropical region can cause a lot of ruckus which calls for garments that are more airy and adjusting to summer season. You would not want to go out and return soaking wet with sweat all over.  It might seem like a big struggle to find the perfect modest attire that lets you breathe even on the sunniest days. You can try to keep a check on a certain points in order to ease out the process. The next time you buy casual abayas online; make sure you have these tips in mind.

Focus of the fabric of the abayas. You may find it very obvious, but it is extremely important for you to keep this in mind. Many people may not realize the difference between abayas carrying summer weight or winter weight. Some are specifically designed cool fabrics that are ideal for hot climatic conditions. You will find shops and online stores selling garments with summer fabrics in the summer season, and winter fabrics in the winter season. If you intend to buy your garment before the season, make sure that your are aware of the fabric.

Some of the fabrics that would go great with a hot weather would be linen, lightweight cotton, summer weight crepes, and viscose. Having airy and thin materials should be your priority this summer.

Next is to try out styles that are not very complicated and have extensions. Going for a simple style with the minimum amount of accessories are good enough to deal with the summer hustle and bustle. If you are looking for creative styles that are equally good for summer, you can shop casual abayas online for more varieties.

You must also focus on deciding the garment that you might wear under. It is better to go for linen pants as they are cool and do not hinder with the passage of air. Along with linen pants, you can go with tank tops as they are extremely airy. If you wear nothing under your abaya, it might make you uncomfortable when the cloth sticks to your body due to excess sweating.

If you intend to wear a scarf along with your abaya, choose anything that is airy and lightweight. Light cotton gauze, georgettes and summer weight pashminas can fairly deal with the weather problems. If you want to try something different, try out the silk scarves as they are absolutely fantastic. The perks of silk scarves are that they won’t go out of style.

Hope these tips are helpful in beating the summer heat in the modest way.


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