How to Buy the Ideal Abaya

Abayas are an extremely popular garment that women wear in the Arab culture. It is a simple black coloured robe that is used daily by the Muslim women. It can also be called a rob-like gown. People in the South Africa refer it as burqa whereas in Iran it is known as Chador.

Though it is not found very easily in the market, it is worn by thousands of women. But as internet came into the picture, many online abaya stores have flourished which are known for their quality and reasonable price. But buying an abaya is not an easy task. There are many things that you need to consider before you can get yourself an abaya that suits all your requirements. If you want to try something more than the conventional, here are some tips that you must follow before buying your favourite abaya.

Try to keep your abaya simple yet sleek in design. Some of you may like shiny laces, catchy accessories and colour contrasts. But, it’s best to keep it simple that goes well your personality. Don’t overdo your abaya by adding too many beads or contrasting stripes.

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Colours are definitely amazing and are a great expression of moods. But, majority of the people prefer the colour black because it goes well with all sorts of occasions. It is a very generic colour and which makes it preferable if you are looking for a safe option. But if you have any occasion in mind such as a wedding or funeral ceremony, choose a colour that will be apt for that particular occasion.

Avoid fitted Abayas because they don’t serve the purpose of a veil; rather give a very strange look to your outfit. You might even find people being judgmental about it in certain regions. Hence, try to not go for an extremely fitted abaya.

You must also be careful while selecting the fabric of your abaya. It is important that you choose the right material pertaining to the season. Heavy fabrics must be kept only for the winters and light ones for the summer season. Wearing the same material the whole season might end up suffocating you. Avoid buying brown or black coloured abayas for the summer season as they are great insulators of heat.  Whatever the colour of your abaya is, match your tarhas with it.

If you are going to shop from a mall, you will find plenty of shops where you will find readymade or stitched Abayas. You can also try latest abaya online shopping from different online websites. But if you are not satisfied with it, you can surely ask them to customize it for you. All you need is a design to start with.

You must also consider the price when going for abaya shopping. The rates are almost same for fabrics everywhere. Therefore, don’t end up spending too much for something that you could get in a much cheaper price range.

Consider these points when you go to buy an abaya to be satisfied wholesomely.


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