Trending Styles in Abayas

Are you short of ideas for stirring up the fashion quotient with your floor skimming abayas? Well, once you set your eyes on the popping style trends showcased at Modest Forever, abayas would not seem to be synonymous to monotones any more.The brilliant floral prints showcased herespell ‘Spring’ while the colour blocks are so playfully arranged that choosing the appropriate shades can tune it according to the occasion. For those, having a wardrobe loaded with abayas, this e-store is none the less, presenting their collection of kaftans and maxi dresses.If you have a thing for ‘fasheen,’ then you could not care less to choose from these rarely fashionable options showcased at Modest Forever.

Styles that are here to stay

Bid adieu to the all the same floor skimming, straight cut,abayas as here is an all refreshingcollection of silhouettes that pour in your cup of styling to its brim. The playful drapes of abayas are just the best way to flaunt off regal Arabian styles, staying deep rooted to your culture. In the case, you have a fetish for frills, then the Maxi abayas are just your thing. Also, if you want to keep it formal, you can go with the ones available with the least of frills. Layered shrugsin stripes and bright coloursare the options that can work wonders when teamed up with the monotones of floor touching abayas. So shop casual abayas online available at amazing discounts only at Modest Forever.

Abayas are no less to celebrate your svelte

Yes, Modest Forever has set the bars to an all entrancing level, with their lovelycollection of abayas. No matter if you prefer a solid colour or a colour pop of floral prints, these abayasare crafted with the very thought ofcelebrating womanhood.If you choose to go with the ones in solid colours, then pick a hijab in a contrasting hue, or even vibrant prints can do it for your abayas in soft pastel hues. If dark metal hues make up your choice, then fashionistas recommend the metallic hues in lighter shadesshould be the absolute choice for your hijab.

Fabrics and prints that have set the trends

Check out how the neutral hues of denims compliment you, with the collection of denim abayas at Modest Forever. There are even more trendy prints on a variety of fabrics, tucked up in their collections, the high and low style abayas being one of the bestsellers. Asymmetric, overlapped and the layered ones in multiple prints andvibrant hues are the must-haves for your wardrobe. The exuberant prints on summer cool monotones of aqua are ought to set your style statement absolutely right on the track.

Whoa! Is it a lot of trendy numbers to digest? Well, Modest Forever provides you the easiest access to them through their online store. Scroll through the stock and seal the deal on the ones with best price; within a few days, your ‘fasheen treasure’ box will be delivered right at your doorstep in a lovely wrap.



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