Hijabs: The Right Headscarves For A Moderate And Stylish Look

Hijabs are typically viewed to be some of the most traditional dress forms with almost no scope of experimenting. Well, those who wear it, know that it is not true at all! If you are thinking about wearing one, then you will be surprised how much fashionable you make it just by a few simple touches.


If you check out tips on hijab fashion online, then you will be surprised to find the various ways in which you can stylize your hijab while keeping it moderate and simple at the same time! Here are some really cool tips, that make hijabs one of the coolest and most stylish headscarves possible:

  1.  The most important thing that you need to do is wear it right and accessorize it properly. One of the best ways to style up your hijab is with the use of the right lip colour. If you are going for darker shades like black or navy blue, you can take the oomph factor several degrees higher by just adding a dash of bright red or orange lip colour. These two-contrasting dark and bright colours bode very well with each other. And you know what the best part about this trick is- it doesn’t matter what skin tone you have!
  2.  We all love to experiment with our looks, don’t we? What is the point in looking the same every day? Well you can try and change your looks a little when it comes to wearing hijabs. Are you looking for that slight tan? No, you don’t need to head out to tanning sessions; all you need to do is select a hijab colour that is light. Go for white or beige which will make your face look a little darker, giving you that perfect sun tan feel.
  3.  If you want to go bohemian and bright with your hijab, then you should try out the new neon shades. These are the trend these days and hence when you look for hijab clothes online you will surely find them in many colours. Do not buy one just because it is neon. See to it that it looks good with your skin tone and you have the right accessories to pull of this new fashion.
  4.  Another very important accessory when it comes to hijabs is shades. The right pair of shades can actually make your look and lift it up quite a few notches high. If you are going for single coloured hijabs then it is best that you try out coloured shades. With light colours, blue shades are a really cool choice. You can try out red and yellow as well. But keep in mind, that you have to have the confidence to pull it off!
  5.  If you want to keep your look formal but with a touch of informal then you can always go for printed hijabs. Floral prints are the perfect option when it comes to occasions like this when paired with the right clothes.

These are just some of the ways with which you can stylize your hijab. There are plenty more. So, keep experimenting!


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