How To Wear Your Hijab To Work?

hijab1_5 (1)

The traditional veil called hijab is worn by every Muslim woman as it is a sign of her proud status of being a Muslim. It is the sign of her modesty and her privacy. She needs to flaunt her hijab and make sure that she does it in the right way. In her office also she needs to wear her hijab in the right way. She needs to look beautiful and elegant while doing so and that is why she needs to be careful about what she will be wearing to her office along with her hijab. Here, are a few styles that you can flaunt and which will make you look like the ultimate office goer and your hijab will add beauty to these looks.

  • In various e-sites you will find various formal hijab dresses for sale and you can select one in a neutral shade. Neutral shades look the best with hijabs. You can wear any type of formal clothing along with a neutral hijab. It even looks good while wearing with western clothes. Make sure that you carry bright accessories so that the whole look changes and your look doesn’t boring or monotonous. Try to carry colourful tote bag while wearing dull coloured hijab or while wearing a simple burqa. This look will make you look very chic while will be appropriate for the office also.
  • Pinstripes look the best whole coming to formal wear. Wear pinstripes formal trousers that will make you look like a corporate diva. It will also make you look slim and will add glamour to your whole look. Wear a chiffon blouse of any light colour and it will be best if you can wear a white silk blouse with it. It will be perfect if you pair it up with black or beige ballerina shoes. Wear any colour of hijab you want to wear and you can even wear beige coloured hijab that will go very well with this whole corporate look. This can be worn at any academic seminars as well. You can wear it anywhere you want to. During office parties just change your top with a chic and glamorous one and then you will be good to go.
  • For one of the best statement wear, and throw in a blazer and wear it with a formal maxi dress. Style your favourite hijab with this look. These looks will more good with sunglasses and a large tote bag. This is one of the classic day wear office look that is comfortable as well. This looks very good for any day event actually and while going for a party just slip into your high heels and changes the blazer to something casual and you will look fantastic in this attire.
  • There are female formal hijabs available in various shopping stores and you can get them online as well. Try them with any of your formal outfit to look the best.

These are the best ways by which way you can wear hijab along with your office attire and look chic and good at the same time. Try them out to make your formal attire look good.


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